Job Details

Market Research Analyst ( Job# 106 )

Job Title Market Research Analyst
Location Santa Clara, CA.
Job Duties
  • Global System Analysis by Application: The position is responsible for developing a global analysis of the market for known specific applications requiring the extremely precise capabilities and characteristics. Study the As-Is Business processes of clients; analyze gaps in the existing applications and to highlight areas of improvement. The analysis needs to assess in which stage of its product life cycle is each of the applications. The analysis should then further determine which of these are expanding, which contracting and which are migrating, to newer technologies for production.
  • Global System Migration by Application: The position is responsible for developing a global analysis of the migration of system for the known, specific applications described in #1. The analysis needs to identify the driving force for the migration. Based on the analysis, the position would develop projected usage scenarios. Are the implications for increased or decreased volumes, higher or lower price, and more or fewer competitors? Does the nature of the application physically/systemically change during the migration? These are sampling questions the answers to which need to be designed into the analysis by the position.
  • Global Identification of New Applications: In addition to analysis of the market for known applications (#1 above) and analysis of the migration of systems of those known applications (#2 above), the position is responsible for identifying new applications similar to those of the known applications. Do all the applications continue to be designed by existing application vendors or are new designs for precision applications emerging? Do new applications rely as heavily on precise systems specification as the known applications or do they suggest subtle shifts in market demand? These and other questions suggested by the research itself need answers for the company to remain competitive. This analysis requires software developers, information technology groups, computer programmers, and design engineers. The Market Research Analyst will be an interface between client and software development team and give presentation on products and services. The outcome would present a set of scenarios for future applications by the company.
Minimum Requirements

Masters degree or foreign equivalent degree in Business Administration or Marketing and 1 year of experience in the job offered (Market Research Analyst) required.

Additional Information

Work will be performed at Santa Clara, CA. Employer: Krypt, Inc. How to Apply: Send resume with Job# 106 to: Krypt, Inc., Attn: HR, 3945 Freedom Circle, Ste 550, Santa Clara, CA 95054 or Email with Job# 106 to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Client Testimonials
  • “…the evidence of the quality of work Rajesh and the whole Krypt team have invested in our Worldwide Exports and European Imports SAP GTS 10.0 deployment is visible in the LACK OF POST PRODUCTION ISSUES!”

    – Mike Zill, EVP and CIO and Don Abbey, EVP QRA, CareFusion

  • “Pelican products was able to consolidate all the trade processes within one system using SAP GTS. Krypt helped deploy a Rapid and Robust Solution with complete automation of export documentation, which lead to 80% time savings from the manual declarations.”

    – Paul Sohn, Business Applications Manager, Pelican Products Inc.

  • “Rajesh took a project that was ‘behind’ due to a transition from another System Integrator, accepted the current states without complaint and partnered with CareFusion to a successful integration of multiple ECC instances with GTS.”

    – Mike Zill, EVP and CIO and Don Abbey, EVP QRA, CareFusion

  • “Because my import is someone else’s export, SAP Global Trade Services helps us capture all relevant data at the upstream export side to simplify the workload on the downstream import side. This has been a key goal for us.”

    – Siva Narayanan, Maritime, Warehousing, and Logistics Manager, Rhodia Inc.